Doctors Jean-Pierre Pelletier and Johanne Martel-Pelletier and their team have contributed substantially to translational research in the field of osteoarthritis. Their contribution has been to truly take concepts all the way from the molecule to man. Their original work in basic research has led to major discoveries in the understanding of the pathology of osteoarthritis. The results of their research have led to the identification of therapeutic targets that have been successfully validated through clinical trials. Their team’s work has also included the development of an innovative non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging technologies for the quantitative assessment of joint tissues as well as their alterations. The development of these tools has allowed the study of anti-arthritic drugs in humans with epidemiological assessment and intervention. These technologies has helped to validate the results of disease-modifying drugs – a breakthrough in the evaluation of disease modifying strategies in osteoarthritis. Most recent work involves the use of artificial intelligence for prediction of osteoarthritis patients who will progress rapidly.